Our Story

Welcome to the online store of Lavender Blue Market. We hope that you find as much pleasure in our treasures as that which we found in designing this creative space for you. You are now looking at the end product of what started as a casual conversation on the back of a bike between two women who love cycling almost as much as they love online shopping. Lavender Blue Online is essentially the brain baby of the typical social gathering women like to call ‘exercise’.

Karen and Jen are two women with a good eye for pretty things and the skills set to make these items available to you. Karen is an entrepreneur, business visionary and owner of Lavender Blue Market in East London, South Africa. Jen is a Pharmacist who enjoys website design and has now pursued this dream together with Karen through the online store that was launched in 2018.

At the center of this online store lies a passion for coffee and desire to make internationally and locally sourced treasures accessible online.

“We love the idea of being able to shop an online market for gifts, household goods, special treasures or for something just to spoil yourself.”

Karen and Jen welcome you to browse through their online market in the comfort of your home. Enjoy meandering through a gallery of some of the gorgeous things we have gathered together. Whether you want to frost yourself with that sterling silver bracelet from Spain or ship a couple to your best girlfriends across the seas, we are here to make it happen!
Please feel free to contact us or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest products and specials.

The coffee story:

Karen’s love for coffee developed over many years of judging national barista competitions. She has now developed two sought- after blends which are uniquely sold at Lavender Blue Market and which she now brings to lavender online. Both these blends have proven to be tremendously popular with the coffee fans that frequent Lavender Blue.
They are 100% arabica beans and formulated specifically to be drunk with milk- you will love them!
In addition, we are also offering several single origin microlot coffees found in Africa and Central America.
Lavender Blue roasts are the kind of beans that get you excited to wake up in the morning for that first cuppa. We believe in starting your day right and this is definitely the way to do it.
Tasting is believing !!